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Our team of consultants:

  • develop marketplace programs
  • analyse data
  • provide management with reports on customerperceptions and needs

We deliver actionable, measurable and prioritised recommendations on strategies to improve product mix, concept design, branding, market share and market positioning.

Our findings will not only facilitate a greater understanding of consumers, but also give direction for new product development and marketing strategies.

Past Food Study Power Point Presentation

Latest Studies

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Good Business Sense National Eating Habits Study  is available for purchase in either a full or detailed summary form.

Please fill out the enquiry form by clicking on the link below and we will be in touch with you shortly

Good Business Sense is growing its knowledge in the marketplace by engaging different experts to develop more sophisticated and detailed research studies.

We welcome your input and your involvement in the original designs of our Research studies. Your organisation and clients can benefit from our collective and collaborative approaches. You might have specific questions designed for your organisation and at gain access to our overall reports, providing you with an overview of the entire marketplace.

How can you meet your research needs by participating in our initial design process and on-going workshops?

If you are interested in talking to us and discussing your needs please contact us via email.

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